Tuesday, July 27, 2010

not what I'd planned, but good nonetheless

Okay, so I'd really hoped that I was finally going to be able to report that I'd finished Gray's room. I've been so close for so long--all I need to do is sew some covers for a couple of floor pillows. And yesterday, I did finally cut them out. Maybe today (please, oh pretty please!), I shall actually finish them.

Instead of sewing the blasted things yesterday, I spent most of the day working on the bathroom. But I didn't finish in there either, so that's not what I have to report on either.

Most of the credit for this accomplishment goes to Rich. But I did help a bit. Enough to tear a hole in my shorts and cut my leg trying to squeeze behind some thoroughly unmanageable shrubs. Because of this, I feel justified in claiming a teensy bit of the credit. ;)  So what did he/sort-of-we do? Hang our new shutters!

Before shots:

Yes, they were horrendously faded and just looked horrible. The plan was to take them down and paint them.

 But in the process of taking them down, we realized what awful shape they were really in. Cracked in several places, etc. So we decided to order new ones.

But first, Rich repainted the trim around the big window.

And up the new ones go. 

And after:

Yes, I realize it looks a tad goofy in front of our big window. Rich had pulled the shrubs out earlier this summer, but we decided to wait to do anything new there until after we dealt with the window. Just to make things easier on ourselves. And frankly, because we really haven't decided what to do yet. There will be more updates on the front of the house later this summer though--because YAY(!!!!), we're getting a new front door!


  1. It looks fantastic Debi :D Y'all have done so much this summer!!! Sounds like that turned out to be quite the job! Ooooh I can't wait to see the house :D

  2. Well done Debi. When you finish sorting your house, do you wanna pop over on a flight and come and sort mine out. No pressure. I am very impressed by all your hard work and the windows look fantastic.