Sunday, August 1, 2010

one more down...finally

Gray's room as been on the verge of being done for weeks now. All I needed to do was sew some pillow covers for some old couch pillows. (We sold the couch at a garage sale years and years ago, but saved the pillows to use as floor pillows.) Since Gray's room has cement floors, I figured he deserved to have them in his room...but being so ugly, I figured it was time to finally make them some covers. Anyway, *finally* sewing them up yesterday allows me to say that his room is done for now.

Before shot:

And after:

(Over the winter, we're hoping to put down carpet squares throughout the main part of the basement, and I hope to sew a room divider to hang between Gray's room and my scrapbook area. And next summer, hopefully we'll get his room painted.)

And just for the heck of it--pillow covers are born:

Yep--he loves them! :D


  1. Is this a basement room? I miss basements. They don't have them here.

  2. Amanda,
    Yep, it's in the basement. It's sort of a foreign concept to me to *not* have basements. But I know Chris said they don't have them there either (for obvious reasons) ours will be the first basement he's ever been in! I suppose it's entirely silly, but that makes me feel honored. :P

  3. OMG Debi!! It looks amazing! You did such an amazing job :D How's Gray liking it? I can see he's liking his new pillows!! Great job on those covers :) Yay yay yay!!! I can't wait to see a basement :O It's the little things in life that excite :p

  4. When I was in High School my room, in terms of it's bones, was kind of like this - cinder block walls, cement floors (though with really thing indoor/outdoor carpet), etc, and I loved it - though it wasn't as wonderfully made up as you've done Master Greybird's. We had hot water heat, and the pipe went down the wall in the corner to the baseboard radiator. When I was having a miserable time, I remember I used to sit in the corner and just press my fice to the pipe - it was so warm and smell of copper and paint, and the roughness of the finish.