Sunday, August 1, 2010

more from the garden

Well, we did get the farmer's market this morning, but didn't buy a whole lot. Couple dozen eggs and some apples.

Our garden is definitely having its ups and downs. On the down side, something is going on with our cucumber plants. Not sure what--doesn't appear to be aphids or anything. Really should have taken a picture--I'm sure others (who aren't the fly-the-seat-of-your-pants, lazy, uneducated type of gardeners that we are) could tell me in a second what's going on. Anyway, thus far, the yellow, wilting leaves don't seem to be affecting the flowers or cucumbers at all. So we're keeping our fingers crossed. We've got lots of baby cukes going now. So many that I hope I'm soon trying out Chris' pickle recipe. (Even though I find pickles quite unpleasant, the rest of the gang likes them. :D ) We did eat our very first one this past week--and seriously, I think it was the best cucumber I've ever had. Or maybe that's just gardener's high. :P

Also on the down side, our lettuce is coming to an end. This is likely to be one of the last veggie burgers with our homegrown lettuce that I'll eat this summer.

And on the both up and down side, our beans are really starting to take off. And of course, this qualifies as the "up side." The down side being that we really planted everything much too close together. I'm not sure how the heck we're ever going to get the ones picked from the center of the garden. :(

Annie's cherry/grape/whatever-the-heck-they-are tomatoes are finally starting to ripen up at a faster pace. This is one of her three plants, and they're all equally loaded. (Just wish some of our what appears to be dozens and dozens of big tomatoes would start ripening, too!)

We didn't even try to grow any melons this year, as we've never had much luck in the past. But the melons seemed to have other ideas. Along with several rogue tomato plants, we've got a few rogue cantaloupe plants in the garden. (Seeds from the compost pile no doubt.) This is one of at least three little baby cantaloupes. Who knows, maybe they'll actually do okay this year.

And finally, just a few things picked from the garden this morning. I think I'll be whipping up a batch of spaghetti sauce that those peppers will be going into. And the kohlrabi--yeah, we'll just scarf that down. :)

Many thanks to Heather of Capricious Reader for hosting Saturday Farmer's Market!

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  1. OMG I'm in love with this post :D Do I start every one of your garden posts like that? :p Really though, I love this post. I think you actually might like the pickle recipe that I made! Do you like sweet things? Because they came out pretty sweet! Not like any pickle I've had before. I'm guessing it's because of the brown sugar and it has a bit of spice from the black pepper.

    Your produce looks fantastic! All of it!! I love your beans!! I've been obsessed with fresh green beans this year. Only I haven't been able to grow any yet :( So I've been buying them from whole foods. I say just dig your way in there to get the ones from the middle :) Or send Max in there, he should be able to get them!

    I think my favorite thing about this post is the surprise cantaloupes! That is so cool that you had seeds in the compost that popped into plants :D So much fun! Hope you actually get some melons out of them!