Sunday, September 19, 2010

and a cucumber in an apple tree...

Sorry. I know, I am a complete dork...but that's what goes through my head whenever I see this ridiculous sight in our backyard. (And I don't even like that song!!!)

But come on, isn't this just bizarre looking?!! And yes, it really is a cucumber growing there in the apple tree. One of our cucumber vines managed to make its way into some lower branches of the tree. It's now literally grown about 10 or 12 feet up into the tree. I'm not even sure I can reach this cucumber without the ladder. :P

Okay, apologies for posting such a stupid thing for the lovely Heather's Saturday Farmers Market round-up. But it would have been just too depressing to link up my previous post. :(


  1. Debi! This isn't stupid! I find this fascinating!! How curious! In all my years of being around gardens, I have never seen a cucumber do that! How cool!!! I'm so glad you posted this, because now I'm seriously thinking about the possibilities.... lol

  2. OH God Debi this cracked me up SO much!! I saw this little guy creeping towards the apple tree when I was there...I love it :p

  3. First--can I just come and hang out in your backyard? Scott and I have talked about doing a garden but ALL my flowers and many plants died this past year because of the heat and lack of rain. I just don't know how a garden would do in three months of 90-105 degree weather?

    And I was so sorry to hear abour your applesauce. I hope you can can some more! Some of my favorite memories from living in Toronto are picking apples in the fall and baking pies or canning with my mom. Many moons ago.

  4. hey it's really beautiful....