Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am not pouting...I am not pouting...I am not pouting...

Yeah...I am so full of it. I am pouting big time. :(

See this?

Yeah, you know that old saying--pride cometh before a fall. That's me. Oh yes, I was ever so pleased with myself. This is how I spent my Tuesday...and believe me, it took a big chunk of Tuesday! But in the end, I had five beautiful pints of applesauce made from apples from our very own tree. Oh yes, I was feeling proud! Yes, the words "domestic goddess" even escaped my husband's lips.

Oh, but the fall. The fall was hard. Yesterday I discovered that the lids had not actually sealed, as I had originally been convinced that they had. I've no idea where I went wrong. I'm guessing it was really more than that pride thing. ;)  Anyway, I admit, I cried a few little tears as I dumped out all my hard labor.

I feel sort of guilty that I already counted this towards my new 50x50. But Rich picked me loads more apples yesterday, so I'll make another attempt this week. And that will even things out, right? If I succeed, that is.


  1. :( The second batch will just be extra good Debi...just think of it that way. *hugs*

  2. That is truly tragic. I wouldn't be pouting - I would be screaming and crying!