Friday, August 27, 2010

sewing lessons

Max. As rough-and-tumble as they come. Sitting still doesn't come easy for this little guy. Everything must be taken apart to discover how it works. Or just destroyed for the sheer joy of it. Best little hugger around. Rarely forgets to thank you for even the littlest things. Loves to create...maybe to make up for all the destruction :p).

A few weeks ago, he wanted to try his hand at sewing. And what did he want to sew? Well, a cat--of course. :)

Let me tell you, the Maxidoodle is such fun to create with. He somehow manages periods of patience that are rarely seen elsewhere in his daily life. While it did take us a period of three days to complete his cat, when he was working on a specific task, he stuck with it until it was done.

Making a pattern:

Pinning it (we used an old shirt):

Sewing on its button eyes/embroidering its nose:

Sewing up its body (I had to do the tough areas like the legs, but he did an incredible job overall!):

Stuffing it:

Hand sewing the opening:

Showing him off:

Great job, Max! Next, could you make me one?


  1. *takes notes furiously* OK... so then you.... right. OK. I think I've got it. Four or five more posts like this and I may be able to sew as well as young Emperor Maximillian...

  2. I just love this post so much :D And I got to hold the cat! LOL. He really did do a fantastic job!!