Sunday, September 12, 2010

feeling fruity (yeah, what's new, huh?)

A day late. Again. My excuse is that our farmer's market is on Sunday mornings. That's really not a good excuse though, because I don't think I've ever actually posted pics from there anyway. And we haven't yet gone this morning either. No, a more true-to-life excuse would be that I'm scatter-brained.

Seems to be a heavy on fruits kind of week...

I canned another 4 quarts of tomatoes, bringing the total up to 9 quarts so far. Should definitely at least double that by the time the rest ripen up.

Our peach tree, which we'd given up for lost a couple years ago, actually produced some beautiful peaches this year! We've harvested about 15 juicy, incredibly delicious peaches so far. And there's a few more out there to come. The squirrels have had their fair share as well. Normally, I'm not even a huge peach fan, but these are just so yummy! (That whole "I grew it myself" thing, I guess.)

Our rogue melons look to be about ready for harvesting, too.  (We didn't plant any melons this year, because we've never had any luck with them in the past. But these guys just popped up in the garden--from seeds in the compost, I guess. Seems to be the way to go. :P ) In fact, Rich picked this one yesterday. 

And there's a couple others in the garden that we should be enjoying later this week as well.

And finally, we've been eating apples straight from the tree for weeks now. But yesterday I went out and picked a hopes of making and canning applesauce this week. Wish me luck! I'll likely be making apple crisp this week, too...first time this season...mmmmm...

And now...well, I'm actually off to the farmer's market. :)

For more deliciousness, head on over to Heather's place. And thank you again, Heather, for hosting Saturday Farmer's Market--it's just so fun peeking into other people's markets and gardens and kitchens. :)


  1. I want apple crisp!!!! Oh how I wish you could ship apple crisp :p Love this post so so much Debi!!! I can't get over all of the tomatoes that you have!! It's crazy!! Any idea what you're going to do with them all yet? Tomato sauce I'm guessing? And I've decided that even though I don't like them, I'm definitely going to try melons next year :p They just look fun to grow! And who knows, maybe my taste buds have changed :p

  2. I'm with Chris, I want some apple crisp! I have seriously been craving crisp, cobbler, whatever you want to call it. I love this post too! Your tomatoes look so beautiful! I agree; I think growing it yourself just gives it that little extra something, it's something to take pride in. Gives it a whole new flavor. Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Everything look so good. Totally makes me wish I had the talent and patience for a garden. Maybe next year!